Purva Meraki Bangalore



Puravankara has believed in quality since 1975, the year the company was founded. Due to its uncompromising values, customer-centricity, and robust engineering, it has been named among the 'most preferred' real estate brands in both residential and commercial sectors.

PPL's economic interest in the company is 20.93 million square feet; 48 residential projects and two commercial projects have been completed. At present, it has 24.87 million square feet / 17,895 units under development (PPL's economic interest - 22.03 million square feet / 16,188 units), with an additional 22.73 million square feet (PPL's economic interest - 18.98 million square feet) in the planning stages. Puravankara's ISO 9001 certification from DNV and DA2+ rating from CRISIL attest to its reputation as a quality and reliable developer.

Group operations began in Mumbai and have expanded to Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore and overseas in Dubai, Colombo, and Saudi Arabia.
In India, Puravankara was the first developer to obtain FDI through its joint venture with Singapore's Keppel Land Limited, which is part of the government-owned Keppel

Bengaluru, Karnataka
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